Engagement Prep : The Make-Up

 Well hey... I'm not that very superb in make-up things and for my engagement i never plan to hire a MUA. Just do it myself -natural make-up, simple n sweet  ^__^. Because i'm saving, and because he didn't like me wearing that so much make-up.So... the most important get the best make-up. Blink.blink.blink. Below the product i choose, credit to mr.google for the pic.
ronasutra whitening mosturizer+mineral make up

simply siti mascara + eyeliner pencil.
simply siti blusher

mentholatum lip ice sheer color

gold edition simply siti eyeshadow. owsome rite?

 The reason i choose ronasutra product is because i have use it one on my graduation day. It's most natural and stand for hours even i did kiss-kiss with my best friends in the very hot day, but its still okay n dont need to touch up. Nice! I totally happy to see my picture on the graduation day. The make-up so smooth and sweet dude! I don't wear ronasutra mineral powder for my everyday make-up because it's powder, i so careless person, it's just not safe to be in my bag all time. + its cost me. For everyday, i choose pixy foundation n pixy compact powder. Smooth. Use some, but the result best! Only its not suit for oily skin like me to wear it for long term to do all the cheek kiss etc. I better prepare rite? Its my engagement day, of coz there so many relatives wanna congrats me.

*ronasutra powder (rm48) + mosturizer (rm45-maybe i forgot la) = RM90 above - i use it for only a month bcoz sometimes it may spill on the floor etc.
*pixy compact powder (rm8.90 - refill) + pixy foundation (rm9.90) = rm18.80 -i use it for 2month or more. Super save!

I choose mascara n blusher from simply siti because my friends say the mascara so good. Easy to peel off for solat. Blusher because i wear it everyday.easy.just dap...dap... hehe...

Lip ice? why not the lipstick - the red, pink? Crap. my mr will not approved it, he said "you will look to much." i said "Much what?". he replied, "Naa...just dont like it.". "ok." So it will be only lip ice like everyday wear. Done! No need to think about MUA everyhing.

Next list :
1.The dress - he ask for jubah or dress, much loose cloth. ^__^
2.The Gifts - both of us.
3.The candy buffet / doorgift
4. OP - need to save the date with my bro-in-law. He shoot me on my convo day.

Anything i forget to do? Update soon. Lalala...


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