M2B : Pack the bag. We are going vocation soon.


(A little manglish writing mood today)
Its my 35th weeks pregnancy. Still have mood for a vocation?
Naaa... vocation at the hospital to deliver our junior.

Oh well the point is I on packing our (me and our junior) bags and list down a checklist what's should we bring to the hospital soon and going to brief it to my dearest lovely husband because it will be a few part that he need to help me while i going admit to labour room / ward soon.

Also, need prepare our thing for my confinement period at my lovely mother and father-in-law.
Alhamdulillah, they are excited to take care of me and our junior.

To through the confinement period at my in-laws, I still need do the preparation. Pack husband, baby and my stuffs since before delivery. So after delivered I can straight go to in-laws 
Like I will not back home for months...
Will back home la on weekend so on. My dad wanna to play with his new grandchild too....

Will share my checklist soon...


  1. Assalamualaikum awak. semoga dipermudahkan ya. tak sabar nak tengok your junior! heeee ~~~

  2. @Sheila Salim - Hiks...kite lagi tak sabar...

  3. wah bestnye dah siap packing..hii~
    apapun semoga awk selamat bersalin yea dear..
    berdebar-debar tgu turn kite plak :)


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