Married Life : The way to get our 1st House

Last night, after work we went to see a house to rent.
I kindda worried about the area.
Crowded. Foreigner. Only 1 lift function. No lamp on the lift waiting area. The parking most horror.
Feeling not so safe. 
Erm. Erm. Erm.
Me not so 'manja', but to be honest, i never live in that kind crowded area.
Even hubs. He don't like the crowded place.
Thinking that i will be alone at home till hubs back from work.
It's kindda, feeling lonely and not secure.

Try to tell hubs.
Hubs don't know how to tell the agent that we are not very intrested.
Hubs had a very soft heart.
He already sign the contract.
Me almost crying but trying to cool.

Then En.Nabil, the agent tell that he has another property for rent.
Area Ampang.
Hubs say there okay.
Had security, parking okay etc.
I feel more relief...
And decided to rent that house. 
The rent in same range.
Just need to add some price to redo the contract.
We agreed.
Although the house far from my office, but its near to my hubs.
I don't need waiting he come back from office till 1 hour.

Insya-Allah, by tomorrow we will pay the rent and get the key.
Time to pack.pack.pack.
and then start our new life.

First day, wake hubs to work.
 prepare the breakfast for him.
send him till door before he go to work.
now, settle the housework and waiting he back this evening.
Start to feeling like real housewife.


  1. yeay!!! da dpt rumah...bole la masak2..nak2 dah dekat ngan bulan puasa ni kan :)

  2. @WE - wajib kena masak.kami berdua mmg krg nak makan masakan beli kalau bln puasa


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