25th week.
The baby more active. From the comment I got on "We are in 24th week (6 month)" bout the baby movements makes me very excited and grateful to Allah because give me chances to through this precious moments (pregnancy).

TQ dear Nina n cik Mah, who's sharing bout your exprience. Really inspired and can't wait to feel it.
My super excited feeling full my day and of course I don't wish it last, so I shared the story with my dear husband while he driving us home after work.

What I can see is ...
Big SMILE on his face.
with a question,
Really? Is it be same to all women? 
(He mean that we can detect baby leg, arms etc although the baby inside - unbelieve maybe since my belly )
Me answer,
Sure dear, when the baby growing, the stomach won't be enough space for baby move to much, so we will detect all his/her body.
He said :
Owh, then when the time come I want catch and pull the baby leg too. Baby...grow fast!
T__T  Serve me!
It because I told Nina loves to find and catch the baby leg and baby respon to her.

Me : Pregnancy is miracle... We can learn, see new things everyday. It's most precious moments of live. From a tiny little sperm to a baby living in my stomach. Allahhuakhbar... So miracle. Dear, miracle is always around us...Everyday... - Looking to my stomach.
Husband look at me, his left hand hold my right hand tight.
We : Alhamdulillah.

Later at night,
Husband : Can we hear baby's heart beat?- Put his ear to my stomach to hear the beat.
Me : Of course dear, but not with this ear. When we meet the doc to scan we can ask the doc to hear it.
Me : What you hear just now?
Husband : Like water running...Glok..glock... - He makes sound.
T__T Oh my husband...



  1. Aaaa...btul tu...hubby cik mah pun wat bunyi mcm tu...haha...n bila bby dh besar ni..nmpk perut n sntiasa naik turun lj dr nfs kita...tu jntung bby...n btul...cik mah pun slalu tngkap kaki bby n bontot bby...hahah...

  2. @cik mah - ble new thing bout baby husband mcm kanak2 baru dapat gula2 pulak excited kan? sekarang pun boleh nampak denyut2 kat perut mostly kalau rasa baby bergerak2 tu. hehehe...cepatlah baby besar kite pun nak rasa kaki n bontot baby jugak...ngeh!

  3. Itulah...kadang2 tu...siap ckp wuuuuu...tu lutut baby tu...tingginya...hahahaha...btul2 mcm budak2 dah hubby ni....hahahah....yeah...t bby besar main ngan bontot bby...hahahah

  4. @cik mah - hehehe...xsabar.xsabar.


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