Know what?

Know what?
Sometimes I still not believing that now i'm actually pregnant.
There is someone inside me.
The belly is still same.
All my baju kurung still can be worn.
My peplum still make me look slim on the belly even the baby is already 14 going to 15weeks. friend pregnant about the same age of mine keep updating the status that she cannot wore her baju kurung anymore.
So I will not remember that I'm pregnant...or else I wonder 'is i'm really pregnant?'
I just remember when I feel sicks at the stomach or dizzy etc.

I little confuse...
If I dont believe or very super excited about the pregnancy 
 But since know I'm officially pregnant...
I have orderer this twinkle baby set by tupperware...

I'm only 10weeks pregnant that time when sister back with my order. Hehehe...
Is I'm too excited? too advanced?
But...the bottle and everything in the set is so cute. I cannot help the feeling want to have it.
Can you? Please tell me i'm in the right path.
Anyone buy this too for you little to be?


  1. sgt nomey.. happy for u :)

  2. @Farhain Azmi -hikhikhik...tomey sangat botol tu...


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