Bit manglish today.

My husband will back today. Yeay! Cant wait to hug him.
But its a badmood day for my little angel Muhamad Thaqif Aiman.
He woke up late in the morning, almost 8am, and still wish to sleep. He dont like to walking around the house with mak tok and tok ayah like yesterday anymore. He just ekk ekk ekk all the time with them. He only want me, even sleep on me. If i put him down then he realised it, he will scream loud.
Huh! How sensitive you are today my angel.
While he is sleeping on my chest, i keep questioning in my mind why he be like this today? He not had fever at all. Maybe just being 'manja'.
Then i am think. Is he jealous that i will hug another guy tonight and get forgot about him?
Is he? Elders always said that babies had good instint in everything. All this day, he not so mind to sleep by himself while i got my shower etc.
Sudden i said to Thaqif who sleeping on my chest,
But he is your dad young man. Why you so jealous?
He just smiling in the sleep. ( feel like he answer my question)
 Masya-Allah, the smile so beautiful. I can just hug and kiss him more. 
Nobody can replace your position as my son dear. Your dad is my soulmate, i must love him too. You must love him too.


  1. Ala2...pndai ek thaqif..manja2

  2. Hehe saje je tu nak uji mamanya...

    Jom join SEGMEN di blog saya....tinggalkan url blog anda di sana...sama-sama kita blogwalking nanti okey


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