Suami pulang. Maka MC jua kite 2 hari. 

Today, trying to drive to work with husband besides me. 

Sound from left : ''sayang!'', ''slow!'', ''berhenti!''


Okay. I am so new in this field.

Suddenly I realised that why I hate driving... T__T

I hate driving because I dont like jammed. Stressed!

I hate driving because i dont like drive to fast. 60km/j is already too fast for me.

I hate driving because I dont like to sneak around other car. Kelantanese very impatiently. When everyone keep sneak around me, I can just be freeze. Not good in driving, i will intrupt others. Yeay! I know.

So... Really. I hate driving. 

Not because the manual car, even auto i will still not like to drive.

I will/ I can drive around my village because not jammed. I will not drive to work.
If there no choice, I still  more prefer take a bus then drive my own.
Remember, i rather love my routine while I stay at Ampang, working at PJ, everyday take LRT, change train at Masjid Jamek and take bus to my office.

 The end.


  1. Kat mana2 pun jem dah skrg. Even blk kg kt kedah haritu pun jem..mmg dah berubah dulu dan skrg...

    1. kan? terus rasa nak isi borang tukar keje kat klinik area kampung sendirik je...senang, takde jem

  2. hehehe..kemain benci btl dia nk drive kan.. sbr je la..

    1. T__T emo sangat bout driving ni. haish!


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