never to late


(Perasaan sangat manglish hari ini)

Thaqif already 8months, in mean time he start his solid food, i just feel fine to serve him with porridge everyday with different flavour( vegetables and fruits). But i forgot, he growing, and going start to bored with same menu everyday.
Other mummy, already change food everyday, couscous, oat, soup. Make teething cookies for their babies. While me, being comfort what I serve my boy.

Sorry darling... I am just first time ibu with lack of knowledge.
Just in these few days, i deeply study about the solid food, the stages what you can have etc.
Well, i guess it still and never to late for me start now...
Anything, everything for you my dear son...
Now I start to collecting the ingredients and appliance for homemade cook. I want you eat what I cook. Homemade baby cookies,homemade pasta sauce, homemade oat creamy yummy.
Go! Homemade... Ibu's cooking the best.
Its time for redemption. No more baby bites, Heinz biscotti.
Pray me doing well.

Tepek gamboo sekeping.Thaqif now tengok ibu bukak tab dia pun sibuk sama nak jilat tab. Nak welfie pun senget-senget ibu.
Yang penting ibu suka, muka masih flawless walaupun seharian penat bekerja.
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  1. Assalamualaikum awak. never late .. hehhee go chaiyok mummy ~~~

  2. Replies
    1. never to late.marilah kita bukak buku resepi anak2.

  3. Parenting is about learning process. Good job mama..

    1. so true...moga2 semangat ini berterusan.

  4. In sha Allah boleh!! comel thaqif nk selfie jgk

  5. Thaqif 8 bulan? Lebih kurang anak Papaglamz Imtiyaz tu.. 17 jan ni 8 bln..


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